Monday, March 31, 2008

Television: Dangerous or Useful ?

Television is one of the great invention of technology in recent centuries. It is a sophisticated machine which can be both of electronic mass media and entertainment source, including film and music. For those who really understand about the advantages of television, surely agree that television is important.

Television is a kind of mass media. By its news program, it gives you much information about events that happened in this country, or even in around the world. It is an alternative mass media for people who hate: reading newspaper, listening radio, or browsing internet. However, when you watch news on television, you can hear the voice of newsreader and see (motion picture) the real event. It is much better than reading newspaper which you can merely see the photo (no motion picture) of the event and must read the news by yourself. It is also much better than listening radio which you just can hear the voice of newsreader but you can not see the event at all. Then, for those who hate waiting for download some news on internet, watching news on television is the best alternative solution.

Moreover, television can be good entertainment provider. It can entertain you by its music program, film program, quiz program, etc. It gives you entertainment easily and freely. You do not pay any cost to the television program provider. When you need entertainment to refresh your mind, watching television is a wise choice since it is easy and free.

Yet, some people believe that television is dangerous because it destroys family life and any sense of community; instead of visiting people or talking with the family, the people just watch television. In my opinion, it is just a bad effect of television that you, surely, can avoid. Just like one of the general principle in pharmacy said that whether a thing is poison or medicine is depend on the dose. You should manage the dose; you should manage the time for watching television and for other activity including for visiting people and talking with the family. Besides that, in many cases, people like to discuss, about television program that they have watched, with their family and friends. Hence, if you like to watch television and like to discuss about it in your community, so television can not destroy your family life. Television, even, can build sense of community.

In conclusion, about television is dangerous or useful is not depend of the television itself, but it is certainly depend on how we use it in our daily life. You just avoid the bad effect of it and take the advantages of it, therefore it is useful in your daily life.

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